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At Orange Capital Management, the bar is set high. Our advisors are not just skilled practitioners in financial management, they're industry-shaping educators. They're nationally recognized figures who coach and train financial advisors all over the United States, instilling them with the knowledge and skills required to deliver comprehensive personal wealth analyses. In fact, the advisors you might be comparing us to are likely students of our team, learning the craft under our guidance. We don't merely follow industry standards - we establish them. Our expertise and influence resonate far beyond our office walls, shaping the landscape of financial advice nationwide.

Meet the Coaches

Frisco J. Escudero

Frisco J. Escudero,  RFC®, CWS®

Senior Vice President and ATS Advisor Network Coach

Tyler Y. Escudero

Tyler Y. Escudero

ATS Advisor Network Manager

Stuart Q. Hoshide

Stuart Q. Hoshide

Chief Compliance Officer and ATS Advisor Network Coach

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Your Wealth Deserves a Strategy

When you choose Orange Capital Management, you're not just securing a financial advisor. You're aligning with distinguished educators, the trailblazers who teach the nuances of Advanced Time Segmentation to advisors across the country. Why settle for anything less than the source of expertise itself? Entrust your financial future to those who are at the forefront, defining the industry, not just participating in it. Your future deserves nothing less.

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