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Craig Columbus*


Columbus Macro, LLC

CEO of Columbus Macro, LLC

Our firm is guided by Craig Columbus, one of Wall Street’s most respected strategists and “big picture” thinkers.  He oversees investment decision-making and sets the strategic direction of our firm.  Mr. Columbus is a popular speaker, known for identifying key macro trends and distilling complex analysis in an accessible manner.  He also frequently shares his insights across a variety of prominent media platforms. 

Mr. Columbus has held a variety of CEO roles over the last twenty years, leading Cetera’s Tower Square Investment Management, First Allied Asset Management, and the financial algorithm provider Scorelab, Inc.  He became a recognizable figure on financial television during his tenure as market strategist for Primark Corp. and Thomson Financial. 

Mr. Columbus previously served as both a professor and department chair at Grove City College (Grove City, Pa.) and has also been a scholar at the Center for Vision and Values, a policy think tank committed to free-market principles.  He co-authored the popular financial ethics and reform book, "God and Man on Wall Street: The Conscience of Capitalism.”  In 2007, Mr. Columbus received the Achievement Award by Penn State’s Smeal College of Business for contributions to the field of finance.  

He earned his BA in economics from Loyola University, an MBA from Penn State University, a JD from Indiana University (admitted Pennsylvania bar), and an MA in Emergency Management and Homeland Security Policy from Arizona State University.

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*The above mentioned professional Craig Columbus is not affiliated or registered with First Allied Securities.  Any information provided by this individual is provided entirely on behalf of Columbus Macro, LLC  and is not related to Orange Capital Management or First Allied Securities or  its registered representatives.