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Retirement Investment Services

We offer two broad categories of investment planning for individuals and families approaching retirement. Our “Traditional” programs are the more common and most crucial elements of a well-planned retirement income strategy. Our “Specialty” programs offer uncommon opportunities to work to strengthen your retirement investment plans and share the benefits of your wealth with family, friends, and your favorite charitable organizations.

Step 1

Developing your retirement income plan begins with a "Wealth Planning Worksheet" that gives us an overview of your current financial situation and your long-term retirement income goals. This will be the last step you'll take on your own.

Step 2

Your first meeting with one of our retirement income professionals will not be an interview, but an introduction: a conversation that allows us to get to know you, address your retirement questions, and understand your retirement goals.

Step 3

With a clear understanding of your retirement goals, we will begin developing your personalized retirement investment strategy using a process driven by Advanced Time Segmentation®.

Our Process

Private Vault Wealth Management Tool

Ours is an ongoing process that includes creating an online balance sheet, aggregating accounts, simplifying financial activities, and establishing online document storage (your private vault). Our process is how we keep our promises.

As a member of the Orange Capital Management family, your retirement income planning begins with a proprietary system built on decades of academic research and real-world results. 

ATS is different because it focuses on planning rather than products, allocating the assets* you have today to help provide the income you need for a lifetime of tomorrows.

*Asset allocation is an investment strategy that will not guarantee a profit or protect you from loss.

Let’s set a time to talk about creating a retirement income strategy tailored to your retirement goals.

At the core of all our services is our commitment to the most important elements of our firm – the individuals and families who we serve. We are committed to creating customized retirement income strategies that work toward addressing every client’s unique retirement income needs and goals. But we are, first and foremost, a family-oriented firm looking forward to helping you write the next chapters in your family’s financial story.

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