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Our Firm

Our Mission

We believe that fulfilling your financial goals should be an attainable dream. 

Through experience and education, research and relationships, we design and implement strategies 

that empower our clients to achieve their financial dreams. 

All this begins with our core belief: Your wealth deserves a strategy

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Our Values

Traditions are personal

Orange Capital Management was born out of a vision for tradition.  Our vision blends real world experience, wealth strategies, and personal interactions to help others continue their legacies. People with purpose do great things.  We believe that the greatness our clients have created in their own wealth should support them for the rest of their lives.

Our tradition of service to you is personal.  By fostering relationships and holding in-person meetings, we seek to learn your story and the personal traditions that you desire to continue for your family. This allows us to better understand your financial and life goals.  Using the personal connection that we establish with each client, we are able to develop a strategic plan designed specifically for you.

About Orange Capital Management

Founded in 1990, Orange Capital Management began as a wealth management firm.  Over the past 25 years, we have grown to become one of the most dependable wealth managers in Southern California, as awarded by the Goldline Research Selection in 2007. Currently the firm Cetera Investments Advisors has over $500 million under management collectively.

Orange Capital Management is an independent firm led by experienced income experts. Independence gives us the freedom to design diversified portfolios free of branded products, so your recommendations will be unbiased and designed entirely for your desired performance. By partnering with one of the nation’s largest independent broker dealers, First Allied Securities, we have access to a larger choice of available products and services.

Whereas other wealth management firms rely on supporting their clients with branded products, we are free from the limitations of those offerings.  Instead, we offer strategic solutions that fit your goals and deliver personalized and dedicated service.  Our strategic method and approach has allowed Orange Capital Management to be recognized as a leader in the industry.  We train other wealth managers across the nation to utilize our approach and add value to their clients in an effort to raise the standards of the industry.

Based in Orange County, California and expanding, we believe in the power of relationships, and our door is always open. Home-made cookies will await you in the lobby, and we will know you by name.

Strategy Driven

We believe that the single most important factor in helping you achieve a secure retirement is having the right strategy in place.  We are a strategy-driven firm dedicated to creating personalized strategies for our clients. Market performance, financial products, returns, taxes, fees, etc. – all of these are important, but making sure we have a guiding vision in place gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve.  Our strategies allow our clients to maintain their lifestyle, keep up with inflation, and mathematically calculate their risks.  We match each year’s retirement income needs with time-segmented investments.  We give every dollar a purpose and a job. We need to get the strategy right before we even think about products. After all, “your wealth deserves a strategy.”